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Improvements to iContent inventory viewing

Posted on 2016-12-01

Today we released new features and updates to iContent to make it faster and easier to use. We also added a new tool to help edit your photos and enhance your vehicle photo galleries.

Inventory viewing and display

New/Used filter: Use these checkboxes to display only new vehicles, only used vehicles or both new and used.



Active/Expired filter: Use these checkboxes to show only active vehicles, only expired vehicles or both active and expired vehicles.



Picture count: Each vehicle in the inventory list now has a number to indicate how many pictures are displayed in the medialayer.



Print and export reports: Production reports are now available to print and download. Select a date range and vehicle types (new, used or both new and used). Then click the PRINTER icon or the CSV icon to generate a list of vehicles shot in the system with vin, stock number, year, make, and model.



EZ360 vehicle photo crop tool

The new photo crop and cut feature in iContent gives you more control over your images. Now you have a quick way to improve the photo presentation of each of your cars. It is very simple to use.

Crop to remove whitespace: For exterior shots you eliminate excess background so your cars will fill the frame. For interior shots you can crop to more clearly show specific features.

Cut details to make new pictures: Select an area and click to create a detail image. The new picture is added to your photo gallery and appears on your website instantly.

Crop exterior spin pics: For dealers using a vehicle turntable, the crop tool allows you to crop each exterior spin image and automatically replace them in the display section.


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