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How we are building our new EZ360 MediaLayer

Posted on 2016-06-28

Today we held our initial meeting to plan and build a new generation of the EZ360 MediaLayer. Our mission is to design a more immersive experience to better engage car shoppers online and increase sales for auto dealers.

We mapped our path to increase consumer engagement through rich vehicle media while also improving the tools we give dealers for capturing and editing high-quality photos.

Our brainstorming sessions were very intense! We wrote down the types of media car buyers want to consume and the content tools car dealers need to have. Every idea went onto the whiteboard.

Then we discussed each item to estimate the benefits for both dealers and consumers. We considered the technical feasibility of each idea and the development time required. We whittled the list down to the most important concepts and ranked their value. We established our priorities and we set our path for success.

This is exciting and we are EXCITED! Stay tuned for more updates as we log our progress with our innovative EZ360 MediaLayer.


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